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Reliable and safe wireless network
Stable, fast and cost-efficient

A highly secure and reliable WiFi network is essential for an ICT department. With the rise of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) the need for a solid infrastructure has grown.

In a world where smartphones and tablets are common good, a WiFi network is essential. The safety of your network in combination with WiFi is often a concern for companies. SET Telecom has the knowledge and technology to address these concerns.

Wifi as a Service

Wat is Wifi as a Service

Wifi as a Service (WaaS) offers a first-rate WiFi network within your organization. However, we take care of the management from the cloud. This offers the following advantages:

  • No investment needed
  • A first-rate WiFi network for a fixed price per month
  • Including service and support
  • Optional 24/7 support
  • Access to your own network
  • Connection to your Facebook page
  • Your own landing page
  • Suitable for any environment
Site survey rapportage wifi

Site Survey Rapportage

For a cabled network the extension is carefully chosen. Unfortunately when it comes to a WiFi network access points are often carelessly placed, with complaints as a result. SET Telecom makes sure your wireless network is set up correctly. We always start with a thorough investigation. What do the users need? What is the current infrastructure? And the budget?

The benefits of Site Survey Rapportage

  • Transparent number of access points

    You know exactly how many access points you need for completely coverage.

  • Transparent placement

    You know exactly where the access points are placed

  • Clear coverage area

    You know which areas are covered within your environment

  • Intervention between access points

    You know where the access points are and what their mutual coverage area is

  • Clear activities

    You know beforehand what the activities are, how long it will take and what it costs

  • Transparent documentation

    Site Survey gives a clear image of the complete situation, and also services as a future reference work

Completed projects

Wireless service

SET Telecom is a Ruckus Wireless ‘Big Dog’. Meaning our customers will get the most our of their investment. Our professional engineers have the expertise to implement and optimize the Ruckus solutions in the network and corporate environment or your organization.

SET Telecom offers several services:

  • Incidental: price per hour
  • Remote service
  • Onsite service
  • Contractual basis
  • 24/7 service, including your own service number
  • Project basis
SET Telecom is een Ruckus wireless big dog

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