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No boundaries thanks to the audio & video conferencing solutions by SET Telecom

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Videoconferencing systems are fundamental for bigger international organizations. Less than 10 years ago a very expensive Internet connection was part of the solution. But now videoconferencing systems are better and more affordable. Moreover they use less bandwidth.

The biggest reason to invest in a videoconferencing solution is saving on both international and national travel costs. It offers a huge reduction of lost hours and more productivity. In short: a win-win situation. Of course it does not fully substitute face-to-face meetings, but video conferencing is the best choice 80% of the time. From a meeting- to a hotel room, you just need an Internet connection.

SET Telecom has years of experience with videoconferencing. We can advice you on the best solution for your organization: from your own environment to Video as a Service (VaaS).

Polycom solutions

Polycom tijdlijn

SET Telecom has joined forces with Polycom for Audio and Video Conferencing. Polycom is worldwide market leader and pushes the boundaries of innovation in the area of video conferencing. From setting up a meeting room to complete enterprise solutions, SET Telecom gets the job done with Polycom.

Polycom devices

IP 6000 polycom

SoundStation IP-6000

Polycom IP 7000

SoundStation IP-7000

Polycom HDX Room systems

HDX RoomSystems

Polycom IP 321/331

SoundPoint IP 321/331

SoundPoint IP 450

Polycom IP 650

SoundPoint IP 650

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