2005 | the beginning

2005 | Dual role

Owner Wibo van der Meulen Kunee moves into the office of SET ICT Services. The first few months he fulfills the role of both salesman and installer. After half a year the first employee joins SET Telecom.

2006 | Pepperminds

SET Telecom wins her first big customer: telephony and wifi for Pepperminds HQ. Later on all the new Dutch offices of the marketing agency follow. The collaboration is the springboard for further growth.

2007 | Everybody wireless

Everybody in the Nehterlands is wireless and the demand for hotspots declines. It is decided to ingreate SET Wireless into SET Telecom.

2010 | steady growth

2011 | Top 100

SET Telecom is selected for the Advice Top 100 ICT. Each year the magazine gives an overview of the top 100 ICT companies in the Dutch market.

2012 | Bring Your Own Device

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend conquers the Dutch workplace. Employees start using their own smartphone, tablet or laptop for work purposes. The demand for reliable wireless networks is bigger than ever. The BYOD trend is right up the street of SET Telecom, as wireless is in their DNA.

2013 | Nuon

A collaboration that once started with solving a simple malfunction, grows into the biggest project in the history of SET Telecom. Nuon asks SET Telecom to set up the new HQ with video conferencing systems and digital signage. A challenging assignment. SET Telecom develops a custom-made videoconferencing solution for the crisis room. This solution is now the benchmark for all international Nuon HQ’s.

2014 | Wifi as a Service

SET Telecom introduces Wifi as a Service (WaaS). No investment costs, but a fixed price per month. A great solution for SME’s.

SET Telecom is a sister company of SET ICT Services. On the website of SET ICT Services you find a more comprehensive timeline of the company.

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